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Mirrorshipping [entries|friends|calendar]
Priest Seth x Seto Kaiba

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[OT] Fanfiction Challenge Announcement [16 Jun 2006|09:45am]

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[If this is too off-topic, I beg forgiveness ^^; *bows*]

ygo_novella is now up and running!

Yes, that's right. katsuko and I are running a Yuugiou Novella Challenge. Anyone who wishes to participate should visit the official Novella Challenge page, read the rules and join the community (this is how we will be making announcements and updates as the challenge rolls along). The challenge starts now and runs until December 15; all entries will be up on the site by December 18 for reading and voting, and results will be available February 15, 2007.

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[28 Feb 2006|12:30pm]

Okay, in short I’m about to be really desperate and beg.

Two days ago, due to multiple reasons such as my parents smashing my computer modem because they were rather upset I was moving out, I have lost all of my fanart, scanlations, fanfiction, and picture archives. (Which has reached to around 20,000 image files.) I’m rather depressed at this point really and currently I have no means to seaching everything back up as I currently do not have internet. (I’m borrowing a friend’s computer)

I would like to know if any of you can possibly send me some stuff. (Zip files?) Pairing, rating, or anything like that doesn’t really matter. It would be much appreciated and it would truly make me feel better.

Thank you for at least considering.

E-Mail: Fire_faeire@hotmail.com

Forbidden Secrets

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Art [19 Dec 2005|03:01pm]


I did this about a month ago as a request someone made for a contest on a Kaiba club. It came out a bit 'meh' compared to some of my other works, but it's Seto x Set and my VERY first time doing anything with two guys. Since it's not my best, criticism isn't appreciated since I don't intend on reviving it.

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[15 Nov 2005|12:15pm]

Wonderful I've finally found a group for this! I hope to be able to put up some fic's soon but don't kill me if I don't. But do any of you knew any good sources for some SxS fic's? I'm afraid I hav'nt seen any for awhile!

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The club is not dead! [01 Jul 2005|06:18pm]

Finally found this club, lol. Sign me up, for this is the ONLY YGO pairing I like.

I promise art, if it helps!

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